English HWIGYEONG CO-OP Residence


Feels just like home! Comfort, Relaxing and a firm security service as well.
「its Hwigyeong-dong Co-op residence」
Located at 'Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemungu' (streets of students)where 5 universities are nearby including Kyounghee Univ.

Floor Information



1 F

Front Desk· Business Lounge


Laundry Rm. Fitness centre

B 2


Hwigyeong-dong Co-op residence has opened in January, 2003.
It is 9 stories high and has 2 underground Floors.
Residence is only 2 minutes away from the Hoegi subway station (subway line #1).
The Front Desk and Business Lounge is located in 1st Fl. 2nd Fl.~9th Fl. are resident rooms and there is a Laundry room and a Fitness center in B1.