English SEOCHO CO-OP Residence


Residence Facilities
Front Desk and Business Center on 1st floor.
There is a Laundry room(equipped with laundry machine and dryer) and a Fitness center for light workouts in B2.

Business center(1F)
Service Hours: 24 Hours
*Opened all year long.

Business Room(2 F)
Fee 15,000 won /1 hours. Accommodating personnel about 14 people

Room Type  14:00~,
Bar   11:00~23:00
Coin Laundry Rm. (B2)
Equipped with laundry machine, dryer, iron and iron stand.
Available 24 hours
Laundry machine:1,000WON(500WON x 2)per 1time use
Dryer: 1,500WON(500WON x 3)
*Detergents are not provided

Fitness center(B2)
Light workouts such as running machine, stretching and cycling. Available 24 Hours